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lundi 3 février 2014

Sales Haul: The Body Shop, Di and Planet Parfum

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Here is the final Haul.
I must admit that this year, the period wasn't really fruitful, and the discounts were not that exceptional except this last week at The Body Shop.

SO let's Start with Planet Parfum ( If you're French it's a bit like Nocibé).
I wasn't really going in to buy anything else than the Clarifying lotion from Clinique, but just to have a look.
And I ended to buy Helena Rubinstein products. Only skin and lips care, but usually I can't afford HR skin care.

So The Collagenist Pore Genius was 10 percent off as was the Collagenist lip Zoom.
I paid the Clinique lotion full price.
I'm currently trying the HR products so I will probably tell you more about soon.
So yes 10 percent is just not enough, but I have a Businness card ( thanks my daily job) and so got 20 percent more.

So they better be efficient because I have high hopes for them and for my skin!
Let's go to Di and The Body Shop:

At The Body Shop they got the 70% off and then I got a 400ml of their Olive scrub ( which I really love) and the 200ml of their Olive Shower gel, each for 5,40 euros, plus a 5 euros discount as I have reach it on my fidelity card.

I went the Grocery store I decided I had to try the Covergirl range.... well the counter wasn't big but I went for a Natural quad ( I don't have the name ) and a oil control foundation which doesn't go out of the bottle because it is clearly really thick, and so I will have to find a solution.... OR maybe you have one for me...

So Now let's go to DI:

I needed a new eyeliner and so I went for the new Bourjois in a black color. I really like it so far and I think I'm gonna go buy the brown color.
I also bought a l'Oréal Glam Shine Chubby Stick (909- Mad for Pomegranate) and a L'Oréal Color riche (110).

So this is it for my Sales Haul.
Not much but I didn't really need all those so, let's say it is a good one !
I'll try to review each products and so the Monday Haul, Might be replaces for a while by a Monday review.

If you wanna see a specific review on a specific product, just leave a comment below .

See you on wednesday my loves!



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