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samedi 1 février 2014

Sunday Love #5 : My top 5 Youtuber

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Today is a special Sunday love, it is quite non-beauty or fashion related.
But... we will talk beauty anyway as it is my top 5 youtubers... and as you can tell, I probably watch a lot of beauty channel.

So let's start by...

Estée aka Essiebutton :

You probably know her already, but she is my favorite one. Canadian, she moved to England to be with the one she loves.
She is funny and I can watch 5 videos in a row without getting enough. Yes, it's creepy.
I also enjoy a lot the vlog channel she feeds with Aslan. And please how can we not talk about Reggie? uh? this dog is so sweet!

I also enjoy reading her blog, even though I'm not a huger comment poster.

Just right after here comes:

Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi:

Ingrid is sweet fresh and lives in LA, I really love watching her video as well as Estée's.
I first discover her through her blog, which isn't really up-to-date since 2010...
But she always has good advice when it comes to oily skin and DIY.

Oh! in third position we stay in LA....

Tati aka Glamlifeguru:

She is the shopping Coupon Queen, I really wish I was living in the States for the moment.
I love her "tip tuesday", "Madness Monday". She gives also great advice on how to eat healthy and review a tons of drugstore products.

In 4th position let's go to Texas:

Leighann aka Leighannsays:

Fun, crazy, sweet, what can I say more about Leighann except that you should discover her if you didn't already.

The last but not least let's come back to Europe, and more precisely England with:

Fleur aka Fleur DeForce:

First I must admit that I found her a bit too posh, but with time I just had to admit that I loved her video and that "English" style was a very delight moment in the day.
Now I cannot skip one her video and I really fell in love with her two doggies.

So well here are the main youtuber I'm watching.
There's a French/ Belgian youtuber as well, but they come just right after.
I'm thinking of Audrey Marshmaloo, ElsaMakeup, etc...

2 commentaires:

Babs a dit…

Estée is funny, I like her!

Babs life a dit…

That's why she is on my top 5 :)
She is really funny and her videos are always interesting :)

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