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mercredi 5 février 2014

Fashion Wednesday #3: Friday night Girlz Night.

Hey Beauty ans Life lovers!

Last friday I went out for a girls night, and I thought I could show you what I wore.
I'm not really at ease to show you the outfit on me but well OOTN is what it is, you have to show the people what it looks like...

So here is the outfit:

Quite all of it comes from M&S mode, so the top is a golden shimmery tunique and the pants are a "Faux-leather" pair.

The shoes are from Pronti:

They have a kind of satin finish and I really loved the golden buckle detail.

The clutch is also from Pronti and has also a Satin finish.

You cannot have much in there, just your phone, some money your ID car and your driving licence.
But it was only for a night so it doesn't really matter.

Here the outfit on me.
I will add a black belt next time, but I couldn't find a nice one so I went for the "No-belt" style.

Sorry for the quality of the picture but phones pics are the worst, knowing that I had to crop it to get rid of my head ...

Have a wonderful day my loves!


2 commentaires:

Babs a dit…

Love the shoes!

Babs life a dit…

19,49€ at "Pronti" ( shop where you can find shoes between 10 and 40 euros).
Very comfy shoes :)

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