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vendredi 21 février 2014

Optimus Prime(r)

Hey my loves!

Oily skin rimes often oily eyelids, ok it doesn't really rimes but hey, I do what I can ...
I"m always looking for a good eyelid primer and except Urban decay I cannot find one that is as good as them... except... the Nars one.

Which is quite expensive... but actually, I prefer this one to the UD ones, I don't really know why,  but I feel like it is less "oily" and the shadows stay where they're supposed to be.
Not that it is not the case with the UD ones, but at the end of a long day they crease a bit.

The down sides ( yes there are some...nobody's perfect...):

  • The packaging : as all the Nars products it gets messy even though you take good care of it.
  • The price: 25,00€ for 8gr
  • Availability in Belgium : NONE, you have to go to Sephora ( Shops or website in France),,
If you can get you hands on it and you wanna splurge on a good primer, go ahead, cause it lasts very long for the quantity you get.



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