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dimanche 23 février 2014

Day and night smell amazing

Hey my loves!

Do you have favorite perfume?
I have a bunch of them. Usually I love strong scent that last all day or quite all day.

For the moment as it's the winter time ( what winter? well the one that's not outside...), I wear My Lady million a lot.
That's what I call a statement perfume, the scent is really particular, quite cold and strong.
Chunky Bottle, heavy, not easy to carry over in the handbag, and I didn't find a way to transfer it into Travallo.

This is my day perfume, because yes I wear perfume at night. But a cheaper one , strong scented, but more on the warm ans spicy side.
And for the moment it is "Heat" by Beyonce. I doubted I would like this, but Buster came back with it when he went shopping and told me he relly loved it.
I tried and adopted it.

I know it's weird to wear perfume when you're going to bed, but this way I have the impression that the bedroom smell nice and the sheets as well.

It's all mental I know but it helps me to have a good night sleep so...

Did you every tried celebrities perfume?



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