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mercredi 19 février 2014

No Fashion, just a ray of rosy/peachy light

Hey beauty and life lovers!

Let me introduce you to the "Soap and Glory - Glow all out".
This is an highlighter I bought during my trip to London and I only use this one since.
It is a soft, peachy/pinky iridescence that can be combined with any blush.
As I have a very fair skin with rosy undertone, it is perfect and subtle.
No Disco ball, and I really love it paired with a special blush I will talk about later.

One down side: even though the packaging is cute, it is not meant to carried over everywhere as it is carton.
I mean the you can see that it is a bit dirty, and I've never traveled with in my make up bag.
It is always gently sitting on my beauty table.

Another down side?
We can't find it easily in Belgium. Which is a shame, because it is really affordable.
I can't wait to test the rest of the product, as I will definitely rush into some "Boots" the next time I'm going to London.



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