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dimanche 16 février 2014

Here comes the poo...

Hey my loves!

I wanna tell you a secret. I love Essie Nail polishes. I've never be disappointed by them, they last quite long and they have a kind of interesting large range of colors.

I've heard they can become a bit thick with time but my secret to avoid that is to keep them away from the light.
They are "locked" in a box" ( too small now).

Last month I bought the " Bouncer, it's me" it is a really gorgeous Navy blue, I thought it would be easy to put on BUT hell it was not!

First coat after my base was so liquidy and so translucid that it was ridiculous, let it dry a bit, put another coat and it wasn't that good, let it dry again and put a third coat with which I was finally happy with. I applied my good go top coat and literally two hours later : Chipped... yes it was chipped... which never happens so fast with Essie nail polish and especially when I use the Essie base and the top coat.

I'm a bit sad because I wanted to love the color so bad...
I don't know if one of you got this problem with this nail polish, or if you had it with another one.

Just let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day m loves!



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