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vendredi 7 février 2014

Friday I care #5: Hand cream

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Today I'm gonna talk about my hands. I've got super dry hands and so I've got the tendency to chip my fingers to remove the dry patches.
Ewwww I know it's digesting, that's why I try to apply hand cream as much as possible.

I've got two types of hand cream:

First it is the one I can keep easily in my bag, and so I went for the Neutrogena Quick absorption.
The tube is in plastic and so no risk to have a perforation accident.
This cream is quite good, and really penetrates the skin easy, quickly without leaving an oily feelings on.

Neutrogena is well known for their hand cream, usually Norwegian formula, to induce in your mind the fact that you need this when the weather act like... you know what I mean ....
Well I love this one really much, it does the job.

The second one I keep on my night table is the Almond Hand cream from The Body Shop ( I promise , I'm not paid by TBS), this cream is thicker and penetrates less quickly, leaves a thin oily feelings, and has a "metallic"-Aluminium tube, which isn't really good when you have a huge bag, because the more it gets squeezed, the more you might get a hole in the packaging and then have hand cream all over your bag... based on a true story.
So I leave it on the night table and use it just before I turn the lights off.
I love it better than the Neutrogena, i've got the impression that it hydrates my hands why better.

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