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lundi 24 février 2014

Blush your cheeks

Hey my loves!

Last week I introduced to my favorite highlighter, now it's time to introduce to its companion : The Balm Frat boy.
It's not a secret, I love The Balm, and I'm totally Happy we can finally find them in Belgium.

This blush is really pigmented, and some kind of buttery in the texture but one you blend it, it gives you a health rosy cheek.
It is really long lasting and you don't need any touch ups during the day, which is good as it has the same king of packaging as the Soap&Glory highlighter and so, it is not very recommended to have it in your handbag

Down sides:

  • The Packaging: Carton - Messy- risky to travel with.
  • Pigmentation: (Half down side cause it is also positive) if you're not careful you can easily look like a clown.

Ever tried this blush? Another recommendation?



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