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mercredi 26 février 2014

No hot water, no Hydration?

Hey My loves!

Last week we had a serious heating/Hot water problem, so we had to boil the water just like you grandma' or Great Grandma' used to do.

You know that I use the Johnson's baby oil religiously right before stepping out of the shower? Right?
But as we couldn't take any shower I took less time to wash my face and my body and then had more time to hydrate my skin.
I then decided to open the Satsuma body butter, because I needed desperately a "summery" vibe.

And I noticed that I could easily use it during my bedtime routine as it take about 5 minutes to hydrate, and so since then I use it every night.

And it feels so good, no greasy residue, fresh sensation, summer in you head you're ready to have sweet dreams!

Somehow this heat/hot water problem showed me that sometimes it takes the tiniest amount of time to take care of yourself!

Any tip to share?



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