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dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Sunday Love

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

I decided to include a recurrent item each week.
This will be called "Sunday Love" in which I'll be sharing with you my three fave products of the week.

This sunday I'll be talking about a brush cleanser, un face mask and a Hydrating cream.

Let's start with the skin care.

The mask:

It is the " Green clay Purifying face mask for oily skin" from Lovea.

I'm not a BIO lover, I quite don't care about that but I must say that this one is really efficient and gives a "glow" to the skin after you take it off.
I don't know how to explain this, but for a drugstore product it is quite impressive.
When you have it on your face, you just have the impression it goes really deep, and drag all the "dirt" out of your pores.
Ok it is supposed to be the goal, but it is the first time I actually believe it does the job.

You leave it for 10 to 15 min on and then you rince it with warm water.
It leaves your skin soft, plump and glowing. A mask to try if you have oily skin!

The Hydrating Cream:

It is the "Hydrance optimale light hydrating cream for norm to oily skin" from Avène.

As it is the winter and as the weather here is always uncertain, I always change the hydrating face cream to something a bit thinker than the clinic one I usually use.
I have sensitive skin ( I know it's cumulative...) in winter. Even though I have an oily skin i try to apply thicker hydrating products to prevent dry patch to appear.
So I turn myself naturally to Avène who is well known for the taking care of the sensitive skin.

After I cleaned my face and toned it, I can really feel the difference, it calms it down and I can feel the hydratation. My skin drinks it.

Let's talk know about the brush cleanser:

It is the Barbara Hofmann Brush cleanser.
You can find it at "Di", it cost about 3 euros and does the same job as the Make up forever or MAC brush cleanser, but in the affordable range!

It does the job, and clean your brushes very well and get rid of all the germs as one of is action is the "disinfection".

So this is it for this week!
I hope you enjoyed it.
Just let me know :)



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