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vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Foundation... perfect color...

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Yesterday I said "Miracles don't exist"... I was wrong.
Because I found THE perfect foundation for my skin tone, cause here in Belgium a country where the sun is rare, fair skins apparently don't exist.

I'm fair... really fair... walking dead fair. So I need a specific color, and it is quite difficult to find the perfect match for me.
The foundation needs to be covering because I have redness, but heavy and ok fir oily skin.
So I tried a bunch of them.
First, the Double wear from Estée Lauder: Too heavy, too yellow
Second, the Lingerie de peau fom Guerlain: No coverage, too yellow.
Third, the Sheer Glow from Nars: Only ok for the summer.

But I needed a foundation that could work for any season.
And I just stopped at the Lancôme display in our "Paris XL" ( Just like Sephora but much tinier) and saw the "Teint Miracle" for the first time, my eyes were caught by a light rosy tint. Very light.

I swatches it and BOOM! It was it. the tint 007. The lightest rosy color I ever saw in high end make up in Belgium.

It is expensive, but as for the primer, you only need a tiny bit for the entire face. It blends easily, and match my skin tone!
And I must admit that I don't find my color in the drugstore section, so I quite have no choice.
And then I don't by a lot of foundation.

So if you need a really good foundation with a large color range and if you live in a tiny country such as Belgium, ask for a sample :)

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