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lundi 6 janvier 2014

Monday Haul

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Welcome to this wonderful wintery monday!
Ok let's pretend we are happy.

OH but wait we are! Because Monday isn't just about getting back at the office to work, it is also the moment we can share what we did this week end.

With Buster ( my partner) we went to Brugge, the Northern Venice as they call it. Beautiful flemish city.
I did some damages... some shopping...
Mainly at "The Body Shop" cause I needed some things.

You probably know all of these products, they aren't new but they're really good.
The Ginger Shampoo especially, calm the scalp and reduce the dandruffs.
In the winter time I usually have scratchy scalp and this help.
One thing? The scent is not that pleasant, BUT it does the job and leave your hair super clean.

The Blueberry mask is also really efficient during this season. once a week it nourishes my hair.
I only apply it on the length as I have quite short hair for the moment.

Well here are some pics from Brugge, if you ever come to Belgium, don't focus only on Brussel ;)



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