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dimanche 26 janvier 2014

Sunday Love #4: Body scrub and loofa combo

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Here is time to spread the love and share what you deeply like! So this time I will stay in the shower time and after talking about the Johnson's Baby oil to hydrate, here is my favorite scrub and my way to use it.

In the picture you can see it is a The Body Shop scrub and this will always be the case because they're my favorite. Especially this olive and the mango ones.
I love the scent, the texture and the feeling it leaves on the skin.

I usually use it with a loofa to optimize the effects, but first I apply it with my hands on the upper body part to have the product evenly on the skin. Then I take the loofa and massage gently the skin.
I repeat the process for the lower part and for my back I use a brush ( witch isn't on the picture as I need to get a new one.)

Talking about the loofa, I often use as well those from The Body Shop, it seems that they last longer, but it's just a my impression. I cannot go to TBS without getting one.

And you? what's your pampering shower ritual?



4 commentaires:


La senteur olive, malgré ce que l on peut penser est super agréable! c'est peut être la senteur que je préfère chez the body shop :)

Babs life a dit…

Moi aussi, c'est ma préférée, elle est discrète et non entêtante et du coup n'interfère pas avec le parfum que l'on peut mettre après :)

Babs a dit…

Hi Babs, I also got a loofah, but I bought it bij de Action. 4 pieces, €1 I think. Maybe you don't have one were you live...i think... I use it every day!

Babs life a dit…

Oh!!! Good to know!
Well I made some research and, no we don't have i but we have these stores called "1-2-3" kinda store like "All at $1" thing and they sell sets of 4 for 1 euro :)
That's good to know anyway :)

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