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lundi 27 janvier 2014

Monday Haul #4: Damage part 3

Hey Beauty and Life loves!

We're almost done with the series : Babs went went wrong.
There will be an ultimate One next week with my weak treasure from the sales.

As you probably read earlier on the blog, I have a poo in this haul, yes, the presentation of the pimple maker was donc before the haul... shame on me but I had to...
But at least you can see that the products have been collected in time.

I've also been weak... very weak and went back for the third box. But to move forward I really have to imagine the home decoration we'll have in the new apartment...

Well let's see what I got:

Let's not go back to the Rose Water, you'll have the details here.
I won't detail every product and wait to do some  review about them.
I will only discuss the lens case the make up remover pads .

The contact lens case: I saw them on Tati's video for her November favorites and I found them really cute. I really wouldn't think I could find them, but if you're interested they are available ( I hope they're still anyway) at "Di".
I occasionnallywear lens, and I found the case I had before pretty boring. you can find them in three colors: Green, blue and pink. There's nothing really amazing about them but I find them super cute.

The Make up remover pads: These aren't cotton pads, but re-usable pads. I apply quite a thick layer of make up ( well a thin lever of + a thin layer of that = A thick layer of makeup), I use quite a lot of cotton pads and even if I'm not a proud ecologist, I think that from time to time e need to make a gesture and try to reduce de cotton trash story.
As I usually remove my make up with oil I mainly used them on my eyes to clean them with the Bioderma. As they are washable, I can totally forget to buy usual cotton pads.
These are quite expensive, but if you count the addition of disposable pads and theses ones I think at then it is cheaper.
They are super soft and don't irritate my skin, no redness whatsoever.
You can find them at "Di" or online, and a refill version exist as well.
On the website :, you 'll find a bunch of ecologic products.

SO that's it for this Monday!
If you want to see a review on a particular item shown on the two pictures just leave a comment below!

See you on wednesday my loves!



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