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samedi 18 janvier 2014

Sunday love #3: Weird, crazy, Fluffy and Comfy Slippers

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

How are you doing this sunday?
I feel sooooooooooo comfy.
And I bet you can tell why by the title of this post.

I love flexible slippers. and as for the socks I love them crazy and maybe not so fashionable.
Let me explain...

I went shopping in the grocery store and they had a slipper/ socks section.
These are another obsession.
As the winter isn't really there ( and I secretly hope it will forget us this year), I made a commitment to stock a max of warm and comfy stuff because here you never know when this little monster is going to attack you.
And when it attacks it is pretty badly.

So I went to the slippers counter and then these were like screaming at me:

"Pick us up! Pick us up! We're only 4 € and we're weird and crazy soft! Just made for you!"
Yes I swear they were screaming towards me.

You don't believe me? yeah you're probably right, it was just in my head.
Ok they look ugly... but well... I love them...

Oh by the way I 'm wearing a softer version today... and my skully socks...

See you tomorrow my loves!

2 commentaires:

Babs a dit…

I love those slippers, so comfy! x Babs

Babs life a dit…

Glad I'm not the only one :)
They're really soft too!


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