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jeudi 16 janvier 2014

Friday I care #2: Lip balm

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

This friday is dedicated to one of my beauty obsession: Super Soft lips.
In this case, I've an obsession of trying new lip balm.

For the moment I've got three that I use everyday.
Yes 3 : One by the sofa when I'm on the computer or watching the television, one in my hand bag and one on my night table that I apply before I go to bed.

In fact I've got a forth one in my car, yes it is an obsession as I said.

So Here are the three I'm using for the moment.

The white square one is the one by the sofa. you can see some lipstick marks on the side...
I discovered this Brand "Balmi" at "Di", and the first one I bought was one exactly like the Greeny one and made me think of the famous but impossible to find here EOS lip balms.

I paid the round shaped one around 2€. It is a menthol one and I apply it before going to bed. It really Hydrates the lips all night and even the morning after you still feel it.
And as it is "mentholed" your lips looks fuller and plumped.
It is the exact same composition for the square one , but this one is based on coconut flavor.

I really recommend them: cheap and effective.

The one in the middle, is the so well-known "Rêve de miel" by Nuxe in stick.
I keep it in my bag as it is a proper stick, you don't have any gunk going around and as you probably already know is as well really effective.

 I promise I will talk about the fourth one in a separate post " What's in my car beauty essentials"

See you on Sunday my loves!


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