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dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Monday Haul #3 : Damage Part 2

Hey Beauty and life Lovers!

Last week I developed my second " The Body Shop" Haul and already told you that I made some damages at the Drug store.
I'm usually not a huge shopaholic, but these past weeks have been hectic and I really can't explain why.
I have phases, maybe it's the urge to move to another place, maybe it's a way to keep me away from the food, maybe it's just a way to help me to take care of myself, I don't know.

Anyway, I decided to divide this into 2 part so, the 3rd part of this Haul will be online next week, because I think a few item is sufficient per post.

Well let's get started!

As I said I plan to move this year from a place to another and so I wanted to find cute things to put in my bathroom ( or if I have the chance to find a place big enough , my beauty room).
So at "Di" I found those cute little boxes:

The taller one is to place you round cotton pads and the smaller one the cotton swabs.
These are part of a collection of 3 boxes and I think I'm gonna try to find the third one which will be perfect for my square ones.
Cute and girly, but I don't know if this purchase was totally necessary... Let's say it was an impulse one and that is better dans the plastic case and bags they are coming in.

Now let's talk Beauty products!

On the pic you have:

A L'Oréal Color Riche eyepencil in Taupe
A Elnett Hair spray
The Rimmel stay matte ( 100-Ivory) : a review is coming very soon.
Two Nail polish remover for when I have to go on week end.
And a Bilstex Lip Balm, to complete my addiction.

I intend to do a review on the nail polish remover and the foundation.soon so stay tuned!
All I can say for the moment is that I'm quite impressed...
But for which products? You'll know it soon!

See you on Wednesday my loves!


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