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mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Fashion Wednesday #1

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Here is the new update.
From now on I will Update the blog on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
I really want the articles to be enjoyable and not overwhelming .

The Sales are on since the 2nd of January, and as we were going to Brugge, I needed a comfy warm coat.
I did several shops to find what I wanted. But as I tried coat I just noticed that all the tiniest size were left.
All the 44-46-48 were already gone. What does it mean?

Anyway I found my new coat at PAPRIKA. Usually I just fit in the pants and the smaller size. I'm not tall enough to fit the other clothes, and so i look like I put some oversized piece of fabric on.
But this coat is just perfect.
Really perfect. It has a leather feeling ( although it is not real leather) and the hoodie is boarded by faux fur.
As I expected it was very comfortable and kept me warm all week-end long. The collar is a Turtleneck-like and helps to keep your scarf in place.

The bag is what I used to be my week-end bag. I didn't want to bring with me a hand luggage because the Hotel Check-in was at 12am and we wanted to walk a bit around the historical center before going in.
It is really big and will be a perfect "Big" hand bag for longer week end.
It has a suede finish and is very resistant. There's a massive pocket outside and a separate smaller one inside, which is good to put your phone or tissue.

It was originally 99 euros but it was on sale for 89 euros.
Is is faux leather but it is really comfy and really warm.

The bag was my week end bag.
An article will come on next Wednesday about what was is my Week-end bag.



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