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mercredi 29 janvier 2014

Fashion Wednesday #2: We you finally find clothes that fits you

Hi Beauty and life lovers!

I’m Babs and I’m a shopaholic.
(Usually here you reply : “Hi Babs! “ But let’s forget that for this time.)
I really have a problem, or is it may be temporary?
I don’t know but for the moment I love shopping for clothes which is unusual for me as I never find what I want even if in the curve shops.
Let me explain. I’m obese, we shouldn’t be afraid of the words, because it makes the situation more realistic, and I never love my body.

Younger I wasn’t obese, I was a dancer, and danced quite 24 hours a week and so I could have all the clothes I wanted but even then I didn’t accept my body shape, thing I found profoundly ridiculous now as I had curves where they needed to be.
So what happened?
I met a boy… yes, it always starts as such. This guy was so jealous that I had to stop dancing and then I put on weight, not a lot but too much for me and decided to go consult a nutritionist : A FATAL ERROR AS OCCURRED….
Yes, it was a fatal error, this guy , I will call him the Guru, gave me this really restrictive diet, which naturally worked as I wasn’t allowed to eat red meat, cheese and yoghurt or chocolate, no exception.
I lost about 7 kilos, which was too much as we could see my bones and I started to have blood pressure and sugar deficiency, not good when you’re in the middle of school exams session.
I returned to the Guru and asked for the stabilization phase, but he refused and told me to stop the diet and restart it after the exams session. Thing I obviously couldn’t do as it was too restrictive.

So I put on weight… more and more to reach in June 2013 : 111 kg

So at 18 I was : 59kg  - 20, I was : 65kg and 10 years later at 30 , I was 111.5 kg and hated myself more than ever as I couldn’t find any clothes that fitted me.
This was the shock, but I didn’t do anything to lose weight, my body started to lose on its own, which it’s totally unusual for me.
Now 6 months later I’m at 99 kg, which is good. But I still hate my body.
I’m eating healthier, I started to to exercises and go for a Walk/run twice a week.

My main problem is that I’m in between “normal” size and “Curve” size.
SO I can’t go shop to the usual shops but I cannot shop to the curve shops as well…
One doesn’t go high enough in size, the others do but the smallest size is too large.

So I struggle a lot.
This Monday I went to a store called “M&S mode”  ( no, it’s not Mark & Spencer).
This shop as usually a reputation to be an “old lady” shop, but they’re changing their image, and have some younger clothes and styles now, and not more expensive than the size 42!
Which is good because, the bigger you are, the more you pay… ( Just look to the Paprika Price range… and usually you just look like you put a garbage bag on you, nothing is flattering).

Oh you’ll say that NewLook as bigger size for the same price… in the UK and maybe in other country yes, but in Belgium, they don’t have bottoms over the size 44…
And when I asked why to the shop manager, she told me : Because bigger people don’t like shopping and so we don’t sell enough of these size…. Very nice…

All that to say that I finally found a store that has my size!

So here is the look I’ve got today:

I've bought another pair of pants and two other tops, but I will keep them for later.

See you on friday my loves!



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