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mardi 21 janvier 2014

And here comes the fail

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Here is the time to talk about the fail of this 2014 beginning, yes, already a fail. When you say " eh, it's just herbal, that can't do any harm", think about it just a second: Belladonna is drug taken in a overrated amount. Anyway, I'm not taking Belladonna, I just try a toner.
Is little pimple maker is Rose based, so supposed to "Freshen, heal, soften, tone and clean gently your skin"... That's what is written on the HUGE bottle.

Anyway, 7,39 euros for 1 litre of Rose water, I just said yes, so I read the composition and saw this :"Sodium Methyparaben" and "Perfume". I'm not into the Bio, Organic vibe, I quite don't care but this time I could think of anything else when the first pimple came out.
Oh not a huge one, just a tiny but tickling one and he wasn't alone! A series of tiny tiny ones came out after 2 or maybe 3 days of use, just like a rash kind of pimple.

I'm really disappointed because it smelled good, felt refreshing on the skin and cost quite nothing. I really don't know What I will do or convert this huge bottle to, but I really need to find out because I'm not throwing it away nor giving it to someone else who might have the same problem.

OK, it's not because I got a sort of allergy that someone else will but I won't risk it knowing that the Paraben buddy and the perfume are the second and the third ingredients in it after water, which means that they are more present than the Rose extract itself.

Lesson? There's one at least, sometimes ready carefully the ingredients it might save you some pocket money!



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