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jeudi 2 janvier 2014

The face Primer : Finally THE One....

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Today I'm about to talk about a product that changed my opinion on the face primers.

I'm a combination to oily skin person, so a primer is quite not optional, if you know what I mean...
I tested a lot of them from drugstore to high end, and none of them were effective on me.

I have a lot of hormonal problems as well which doesn't help. So I was desperate to find a primer that could "fix" my foundation.

So long story short, I walked in the "Di" ( it is a drugstore in the country I live in), and I found a "The Balm" display.
Yes a "The Balm"... in a Drugstore... so I look on the products they have and I saw the "Time Balm".
As I didn't see any review on that primer, I grabbed it ( plus one or two things more) and as we had a party the same night I put it to the test.

Guess what? Total success. It is comparable to the Porefessional the Benefit, but with a plus: it stays on me, and blur the pores so well that I couldn't believe it.

I'm not saying it is a miracle, cause such things doesn't exist BUT on me it was very similar.

Here is the baby.

It is quite expensive for a product in a drugstore, around 16-17 euros, but you really need a tiny amount to do the entire face, so it will last a long way.

So I totally recommend this product, even if it is possible that on another person it doesn't work as perfectly as it does on me.

See you soon!



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