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dimanche 24 août 2014

Glam Glow or.... Why did I buy that?

I know why, I wanted to make my own opinion.
Thanks to Glam Life Guru, girl you're just like EssieButton... the ... beauty temptress...
And for the price of the full size I got one full size of the clarifying mask and half a dose of the moisturizing one.

I must say that the clarifying one is just really clarifying.
You probably wonder what I mean by that:

If you have really sensitive skin : STAY AWAY.

Luckily I'm not as my skin is oily let's say it's ok, but I do need to moisturize it well after.

It is very tingly, very fun and quite weird to use, but still it does the job.
My skin got some mystery glow appearing and I'm sure it's because of it.

I won't use it every week, because let's be honest 49 euros it's a prize and I'm not Cresus...

But still if you want to splurge a bit on a mask : go for it :)

Well see you next time!



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