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jeudi 14 août 2014

For a good day start : Klorane Shower Gel

Hello beauty and life lovers!

Back from holiday, I poped by the pharmacy to get a "drainer" and some tablets because I suffered a severe allergy to tiger mosquitos.
That wasn't nice to see...

They had a "sale" on the Klorane shower gel and I just thought I would give it a try.

It was buy two, get one free, so I went for these two ( the third is in my shower and is the same as the green)

My favorite scent is by far the "Eveil Matinal" ( Morning wakening), it is fruity, punchy and gives you the energy to start the day even if outside it's pouring rain.

The red one, "Bonne Humeur" (Good mood), is more a nighty scent, a bit heavier, smelling like red berries.
Since I'm using them I don't have any dry patches on my skin and it lives it very hydrated.
I totally recommend this formula for the people who suffer from dry skin.

So the result is that I will probably try more of them, because they totally deserve the hype.



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Babs a dit…

Good products! I always have a very dry skin after taking a shower.

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