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vendredi 14 février 2014

NO VALENTINE POST : What's in my daily bag: February 2014 Edition feat MK Bedford Satchel

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

Here is the first "what's in my daily bag".
Not long ago, I made a crazy buy... I say crazy because I wouldn't even thought I could.
But then came the sales.

I discussed that with "The Hub" who quite accepted. And so that's how the MK babe arrived at home.
It is a Bedford Satchel Medium.
You can carry it with the two handles as a regular bag or with the strap on the shoulder or across the body.

It is a really thick leather and very structured.
You can have quite a lot of things in it.

Here is a sneak peek :

I really love the golden details, I usually am a silver person, but here the details aren't so bling bling.
The bag is really classy and can be easily associated with everything and that's what decided me for this model in comparaison to the monogrammed style and the colored ones.

So in this bag, I can easily put:

  • My make up bag
  • My brushes bag
  • My pencil bag
  • My tiny agenda
  • My wallet 
  • My gummy change purse
  • My phone
  • My perfume
  • My chewing gum
  • My minty candy ( yeah I have a bad breath obsession)
  • My deodorant
  • My lip balms ( yes I have 2)
  • My Car key
  • My face wipes ( you never know)

Inside, you have a unique large pocket, on a side two small pockets to put your phone or Deodorant ...
and on the other side a zip pocket and two other small pockets.
It is really handy and I'm quite happy with that bag which is gonna last me for ages!

So this what was in my bag.
Not much and pretty boring.

Have a wonderful day!



2 commentaires:

Maêva Martin a dit…

Merveilleux sac :) ♥

Maêva du blog:

Babs life a dit…

Merci :)
Les mois d'économies ont été difficiles mais tellement "worth it" :)

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