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mercredi 15 janvier 2014

What's in my Week-end bag

Hey Beauty and life lovers!

As promised here is what was in my Week end bag.
It is an overall view.
And obviously I took spare clothes as well :)

So in detail:

1- My reduced make up bag:

One primer
One foundation ( Drug store try review coming soon)
One blush
My eyelash curler
My brow kit 
A mini mascara
An Highlighter
A chubby stick for eyes primer
And outside the make up bag the "Meet Matt(e) Nude" Palette

2- Skin and Hair care bag:

The travel kit from Michael Todd
A Michael Todd Shower gel
A mini Shampoo
My Avene Day Creme
My Loofa

3- The random bag:

Heat protector
My Elnett
My Hand creme
The make up remover from The Body Shop
Some MU Remover wipes
A buffing brush
A hair brush
A blush and highlighter brush

4- Random stuffs:

My Tartan Pj
My Beanie
My wallet/Purse
My straightner
And of course the week end bag.

I'm quite proud of the very small packing because it is always challenging for me, as I cannot decide what is really necessary or what is "nice to have".

I see you on Friday my loves.



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Babs a dit…

I have the same hairspray and heat protector is very important!

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