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dimanche 24 août 2014

Glam Glow or.... Why did I buy that?

I know why, I wanted to make my own opinion.
Thanks to Glam Life Guru, girl you're just like EssieButton... the ... beauty temptress...
And for the price of the full size I got one full size of the clarifying mask and half a dose of the moisturizing one.

I must say that the clarifying one is just really clarifying.
You probably wonder what I mean by that:

If you have really sensitive skin : STAY AWAY.

Luckily I'm not as my skin is oily let's say it's ok, but I do need to moisturize it well after.

It is very tingly, very fun and quite weird to use, but still it does the job.
My skin got some mystery glow appearing and I'm sure it's because of it.

I won't use it every week, because let's be honest 49 euros it's a prize and I'm not Cresus...

But still if you want to splurge a bit on a mask : go for it :)

Well see you next time!



jeudi 14 août 2014

For a good day start : Klorane Shower Gel

Hello beauty and life lovers!

Back from holiday, I poped by the pharmacy to get a "drainer" and some tablets because I suffered a severe allergy to tiger mosquitos.
That wasn't nice to see...

They had a "sale" on the Klorane shower gel and I just thought I would give it a try.

It was buy two, get one free, so I went for these two ( the third is in my shower and is the same as the green)

My favorite scent is by far the "Eveil Matinal" ( Morning wakening), it is fruity, punchy and gives you the energy to start the day even if outside it's pouring rain.

The red one, "Bonne Humeur" (Good mood), is more a nighty scent, a bit heavier, smelling like red berries.
Since I'm using them I don't have any dry patches on my skin and it lives it very hydrated.
I totally recommend this formula for the people who suffer from dry skin.

So the result is that I will probably try more of them, because they totally deserve the hype.



mercredi 13 août 2014

Ciaté at Paris XL

I was going through the shelves of the Paris XL Corners in the Rakstore store near I live and than : BOOM! A Ciaté display!

Two days before I was about to order some on but restrained myself.

I must admit that I splurged a lot that day, but I won't spoil.

So here are the two I went for.

It was a bit of a problem for me to choose... oh yes a big problem. 
8,79 euros each, not that expensive.
Really gorgeous and I think they might replace Essie nail polishes in my favorite list.

Have you tried them?



mardi 5 août 2014

Bobbi Brown - Blush and Matte Lipsitcks

Hello beauty lovers,

I'm back, step by step I try to get back into the beauty section of my life.
We still struggle with the work in the house and so we're not ready yet to move...

I ordered a bit of things on

In the package there were some Bobbi Brown product I've been dying to try.

2 lipsticks from the Creamy matte lipstick line : The 04 true Pink ( Thanks EssieButton) and the 08 Calypso.
The texture is really creamy but they stayed quite a long time. I had to do some touch ups but not that often.
Down side? They make my teeth look a bit more yellow than they really are.

1 blush: The Apricot ( Thanks again EssieButton!), it is really flattering, but I'm not sure I'd be wearing that often. I don't know why I'm not really in love.
I still prefer the frat boy from The Balm.

I will post you some picture with a good lightning tonight, promise!



lundi 4 août 2014

More than 6 months... sorry

I'm really sorry, but I'm back.

I had several health problem and other things to deal with. but now I'm back and I'm preparing you some articles !!


mercredi 26 février 2014

No hot water, no Hydration?

Hey My loves!

Last week we had a serious heating/Hot water problem, so we had to boil the water just like you grandma' or Great Grandma' used to do.

You know that I use the Johnson's baby oil religiously right before stepping out of the shower? Right?
But as we couldn't take any shower I took less time to wash my face and my body and then had more time to hydrate my skin.
I then decided to open the Satsuma body butter, because I needed desperately a "summery" vibe.

And I noticed that I could easily use it during my bedtime routine as it take about 5 minutes to hydrate, and so since then I use it every night.

And it feels so good, no greasy residue, fresh sensation, summer in you head you're ready to have sweet dreams!

Somehow this heat/hot water problem showed me that sometimes it takes the tiniest amount of time to take care of yourself!

Any tip to share?



lundi 24 février 2014

Blush your cheeks

Hey my loves!

Last week I introduced to my favorite highlighter, now it's time to introduce to its companion : The Balm Frat boy.
It's not a secret, I love The Balm, and I'm totally Happy we can finally find them in Belgium.

This blush is really pigmented, and some kind of buttery in the texture but one you blend it, it gives you a health rosy cheek.
It is really long lasting and you don't need any touch ups during the day, which is good as it has the same king of packaging as the Soap&Glory highlighter and so, it is not very recommended to have it in your handbag

Down sides:

  • The Packaging: Carton - Messy- risky to travel with.
  • Pigmentation: (Half down side cause it is also positive) if you're not careful you can easily look like a clown.

Ever tried this blush? Another recommendation?