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dimanche 9 février 2014


Hey beauty and life lovers!

Guess what!
I didn't buy anything lately! Miracle? Yes indeed!
So let's talk about the products I've used up and their successors.

Family Portrait.

The first product is in fact two, because I've used up two of these olive scrub from The Body Shop.
I really love this one and I keep buying it. 
I even bought the larger size during the sales. 
For the moment its successor is the Ginger bread scrub, also from TBS but, I'm convinced.
I find it way less efficient, but I'll come back to that later.
So do I buy the olive one again? Well it's obvious...

I also used up the Sampar face scrub and I freaking loved it. It is very gentle and perfect for my sensitive oily skin.
It is in the pricy side, but it lasts me 3 months and my skin was just thanking it every two days.
Do I want to repurchase it? Yes, but not now
Successor? I don't know yet.

Next is an eyeliner. A Maybelline one. And I'm very disappointed about that one.
It dried really quickly and before it dried, the tip went so loose that il was totally impossible to be precise when drawing the wing.
Do I repurchase it? hell no!
Successor? The Bourjois I presented in the last haul

Next is the Bioderma Sebium H2O and I'm not quite sure I like this version.
It was nice but I had a really hard time to finish it, but really. And I don't know why...
No apparent reason because it was efficient.
Do I repurchase it? No, I prefer the pink version
Successor? The pink version

Next is the Clinique Clarifying lotion for combo to oily skin.
No need to tell that I'm obsessed with it.
Do I repurchase it? Already did
Successor? Itself!

Last but not least the brush cleaner.
It is cheap ( less than 3 euros), and it is efficient, the negative side: it goes empty too fast.
Do I repurchase it? Already did
Successor? Itself!

And you what are your empties?

See you on Wednesday my loves!


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